How it works

General Overview

Fizuro inc. is an ecommerce and logistics company. Through its ecommerce ability, Fizuro inc. is able to accept online payments with Visa, Mastercard, Apple pay and American Express. Fizuro inc. has combined this feature with its MMG agent account, giving MMG subscribers the ability to use their accepted cards to recharge their MMG balance through Fizuro’s website.


How it is processed

You are able to place an order any day, any time, however, wallets are loaded between the hours of 10AM - 6PM on weekdays and 10Am - 4PM on weekends. After completing your purchase, you can expect your wallet to be recharged within 10-30 minutes. The maximum order amount per day is $60,000. Transaction over this amount will be automatically rejected. Persons interested in higher amounts need to contact customer support.


Pal Recharge

Individuals are able to us their debit card and recharge the MMG balance of friends, family or to pay for services. These transactions, however, will be subjected to verification and the results surrounding the process.


Verification and Compliance

Transactions are processed manually. Therefore, Fizuro inc. checks a number of components on a transaction to make sure the associate debit card is authorized for use. Transactions that fall outside our risk profile, once that failed verification and fraudulent transaction will be immediately cancelled. Fraudulent transactions in particular will be reported. Transaction with inconsistencies will be sent to compliance for further evaluation - which results in identity verification. Verification only occurs once - unless our system detects suspicious activities. Verification does not happen on Sundays, therefore transactions that may require further verification – if place on Sundays will go through verification until the next business day. This also applies for holidays.