This FAQ is relating only to the MMG top up section of our service.


Question: Is this a MMG owned service?

Answer: No, Fizuro is an authorize MMG agent. We've built and maintained the website - all payments go to fizuro. Once an order is placed and passes security checks, a staff from fizuro manually sends the MMG top up to the account based on the information provided.


Question: Why does Fizuro charge to top-up MMG?

Answer: To process online transactions, there are fees attached in association with the involved institution like banks, processors etc. These fees are to aid in the upkeep of the service and platform.

Question: What is the exchange rate being used?

Answer: The exchange rate is 205.0021. Do note that some local banks override our exchange rate and charge their internal rates.


Question: Can I cancel my purchase?

Answer: Unfortunately not. When a purchase for top up is made, the top up is completed in moments once the information in the order is correct. However, a refund may be processed once the funds are still available in the destination account. Contact customer support to have the reversal done.


Question: Can I send MMG credit to someone else's account?

Answer: Yes! However, only when the transaction passes verification. Transaction that don't pass our risk assessment will be flagged and cancel. This is to prevent fraudulent transactions. We work very closely with the MMG team to make sure suspicious activities are handled accordingly.


Question: I see a charge on my account even though my transaction failed.

Answer: This is just an authorization that will fall off within 3-5 days. Don't worry, your card has not been charged.


Question: My transaction keeps failing and says address mismatch.

Answer: Your billing address must match the one you used when you registered to receive your card - the one that is recorded with your card's issuing bank.


Question: How long does it take to receive my top-up?

Answer: The standard wait time for the completion of an order is 10-30 minutes. However, transactions are usually completed in about 2 minutes unless there is high volume or your transaction was flagged or has missing info. If you have not received your MMG top up, be sure to make contact with fizuro if someone from fizuro has not made contact with you beyond the 30 minutes.